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old school Houston punk/hardcore

Last night's deadthyme showcased a lot of classic/ old school Houston punk and hardcore, partially to celebrate the Axiom's 20th anniversary (but I've been planning on doing a show dedicated to Houston's punk history for awhile).

If you want to hear the show, download it here:

Here's the playlist:
Here's this week's [deadthyme] playlist. [deadthyme] is a radio show that comes on every week from 3 to 6 AM Sunday night/ Monday morning (whichever you prefer to call it) U.S. Central time on KPFT 90.1 FM in Houston, or you can listen to it online here:

playlist for 10/8/07:

Artist - Song Title - Album Title
Bloodred Bacteria - Intro the Pit/ Tumult Tanks - Kiss the Goat
Insect Warfare - Enslaved By Machinery - World Extermination
Pretty Little Flower - The Highest Honor - Pulverizing Lethal Force
Brighter Death Now - Deathgrant - Necrose Evangelicum
U.Y.U.S. - The Tube - United Youth of the United States
Die Kreuzen - Hate Me - Die Kreuzen
Warkrime - Old Punks - Get Loose
Violent Arrest - Year Zero - Violent Arrest 7"ep
Strung Up - Oakland Violence - Strung Up/ Direct Control split 12"ep
Yogyakarta - Hua Yu Ge - Thrash It Up compilation
Modern Life Is War - Fuck the Sex Pistols - Midnight In America
Lucika - Mouse - Unnerving Depth of Black
D.R.I. - Couch Slouch - Violent Pacification 7"ep
Stark Raving Mad - Piss On You - Amerika 12"ep
Antigama - Ecstasy - Resonnance
Bloody Phoenix - Dead Weight - War, Hate & Misery
Catheter - Hypocrite - Birdflesh/ Catheter split
Pica/ Exit 13 - Snakes and Alligators - ...Just a Few More Hits ep
S.N.O.T. - Harrass County - Slaughterhouse 7"ep
Ministry - No Glory - The Last Sucker
Refuse To Fall - Fight Back - When the Well Runs Dry... demo
Reason Of Insanity - Hand In the Fire - Reason of Insanity
Anti You - Clue - Making Your Life Miserable
Society's Parasites - Vermont & 4th - Society's Parasites
Bark Hard - Scene Ain't Dead - Bark Hard
Verbal Abuse - Disintigration - Just An American Band
Krullur - Cardiac Arrest - Gulf Coast Massacre compilation
dead horse - Scottish Hell/ Subhumanity - Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That's Time Consuming
John Wiese - Tacks - Soft Punk
Academy Black - Crush the Monster - Dead Fun demo
Christian Death - Peek A Boo (Cradle Of Filth version) - Born Again Anti Christian
Gwar - Horror of Yig - Scumdogs of the Universe
Really Red - Teaching You the Fear - Teaching You the Fear
Party Owls - Sodom Buddy - Rock Out 7"ep
Sad Pygmy - Texas Pride - Dos, Dos, Dos
Turmoil In The Toybox - Subliminal de Sade - Manifestation Vol. IV compilation
Dresden 45 - Violence - Liberators 7"ep
Fearless Iranians From Hell - What's the News - Die For Allah
Dominion III - The Priests of Emptyness - Life Has Ended Here
The Exploited - Barry Prossitt - Death Before Dishonour
Cryptic Slaughter - Set Your Own Pace (live) - Convicted
Legionaires Disease - Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head) - Rather See You Dead (Than With Wool On Your Head) b/w Downtown 7"
Bloodcum - Death By a Clothes Hanger - Death By a Clothes Hanger
The Beginning Of The End - Griff's Bones - Punishment Is Necessary 10"ep
Sayyadina - Discontent - Mourning the Unknown
Brutal Truth - Blockhead - Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
Wojczech - Graufilter - Sedimente
Merzbow Vs. Nordvargr - Luxon - Partikel II
Danzig - Pain Is Like An Animal - Lost Tracks of Danzig
Will Haven - A Day Without Speaking - The Hierophant
Dayglo Abortions - Fuck My Shit Stinks - Here Today, Guano Tomorrow
The Disillusioned - Justifiable Homicide - Would Your Country Die For You demo
Step Forward - Pushing Forward - Step Forward 7"ep
Sik Mentality - Take Part - Bad World 12"ep
Zombeast - Die Slow - Zombeast
Krum Bums - Forsaken - As the Tide Turns
Aemae - Bad Entity - Maw
Bayou Pigs - Intoxicated World - Sleep of Reason demo
Paradise Lost - Fallen Children - In Requiem
Pain Teens - Sacrificial Shack - Sacrificial Shack b/w Sweetheart 7"
Doomsday Massacre - Last Day - Wake Up Or Melt Down 7"ep
Rabies - Deathbox Destroyer - Test Your Might
Blind Ignorants - Hardcore Porn - Blind Ignorants
Funeral Dress - Terrorist Attack - A Way of Life
Legendary Pink Dots - Jasz - Nemesis Online
Grindin Teeth - Glue Factory - Houston Loud compilation
The Accused - Devil Woman - More Fun Than An Open Casket Funeral
Mist Of Avalon - Bed of Fear - Mist of Avalon
[deadthyme] is a modern counter-culture music show. Modern counter-culture music can be defined many different ways, but for this show it's defined as punk, goth, industrial, and all the subgenres therein (death rock, hardcore, industrial noise, grindcore, darkwave, crust, oi!, e.b.m., d-beat, gothic metal, straight edge, sound collage, etc.) as well as other forms ov offbeat music that slip between the cracks (such as Negativland, Swans, Chrome, Big Black, etc.) and even a little extreme metal.
For more info, comments, requests, or if you want your band played on the show, e-mail:


website: (where you can find an alphabetical list of every song ever played, playlists, links, etc.)
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